Saint Elmo's Agentur hr3 Werbekampagne

How do you get through the winter and stay happy?

The hr3 morning show moderators create a good atmosphere and give the audience a good feeling. A feeling that picks up on the campaign.

Saint Elmo's Werbekampagne hr3

Market research results show that the focus of the new campaign should be even more clearly on Tanja and Tobi. The moderators are on the same level as the viewer to create a good feeling. During a shoot in Frankfurt, the leitmotifs were photographed and additional video scenes were filmed for the online presence.

Image Video hr3 Winter Saint Elmo's Agentur

Where do you live in Hesse?

In order to depict the Hessian region more authentically, the campaign lines in both leitmotifs were expanded to five Hessian cities. "Happy Hesse" became "Happy Frankfurt", "Happy Wiesbaden" (etc.). The advertising material was played out and displayed programmatically. An effective solution to get even closer to the viewer. hr3 makes all of Hesse happy! 

Hr3 Werbeagentur Saint Elmo's München
Hr3 Winterkampagne Agentur Saint Elmo's
hr 3 Postkarten Saint elmo's Kampagne

The print campaign was accompanied by videos. The leitmotif has been expanded to include additional stories in YouTube pre-rolls. For example, Tobi knits an XXL scarf for Tanja. Here too, the moderators' charisma was put to good use.

Saint Elmo's hr3 Winterkampagne Werbeagentur München