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Touristic product design in free space?

There are three picturesque lakes on Turracher Höhe, surrounded by the largest contiguous Swiss stone pine forest in Austria. Guests are guided gently and with all their senses through this sensitive natural landscape. Interaction included.

Experience design Drei.Seen.Weg.

A path for the senses from idea and implementation of a tourist-themed path along the phases of the trip.

Giving the existing path a new feel. Making the Turracher Höhe brand visible and noticeable through communication in the room. Integrating existing wood art installations into the concept and invite large and small hikers to linger and reflect. That was a challenge and a core task for Saint Elmo's Tourismusmarketing. Based on the six contact points of the phases of the trip – arriving, breathing deeply, discovering, meeting, stopping in and taking away – the tourist experience in the open space was designed holistically. The zoning of the circular hiking trail into the three adventure spaces of poetry, nature and fantasy made it possible to broaden the space thematically.

Saint Elmo's: 3 Seen Weg Video

Project process – from the idea to the tourist experience

Analysis: inspections and re-briefing, discussions

Creation: development of ideas, stylistics, materiality and coloring, review of dramaturgy and tension, prototyping

Concept: development of a script for the entire journey with individual stations based on the phases of the trip

Production: illustration, text and graphics, Layout of panel element

Implementation: coordination of suppliers, implementation support


3 Seen Weg Saint Elmo's
3 Seen Weg Saint Elmo's
3 Seen Weg Saint Elmo's
3 Seen Weg Saint Elmo's
3 Seen Weg Saint Elmo's
3 Seen Weg Saint Elmo's

Communication in space – interaction for children and adults

The path itself and the presented open space is the communication medium. Elements for interaction with all senses were created in a variety of ways:

Rotary and folding boards for children: Lovingly designed illustrations enable meaningful and humorous storytelling – almost without words.

Elf book: Under guidance, simple poetic poems are written and written in a book provided. These works can be published on the website.

Cairn circle: Turracher Höhe stones are artfully arranged. Every visitor can build “their own” cairns and thereby leave a message.

Views & lines of sight: Special insights into the surrounding treetops through milled holes in the larch wood steles.

Fragrance station: Hikers can playfully “smell” the scents of the Turracher Höhe.

Touch cones: How does a pine cone feel compared to a spruce cone? Wooden cones are mounted on the back of a stele by a regional carver.

Benches: Slogans on wooden benches invite hikers to ponder.

Giant swing, moor gate, slingshot bench, sign forest: art installations and land art on the Drei.Seen.Weg in planning – implementation in summer 2020.

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