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Which way to the top?

The tourism campaign by Tirol Werbung and Saint Elmo’s Tourism Marketing awakens hope and provides inspiration for summer holidays in Tyrol.

How can a tourist region react quickly and effectively to the easing of coronavirus restrictions? A good example is the ‘Es geht Bergauf’ (Things are going uphill) campaign launched by Tirol Werbung GmbH and Saint Elmo’s Tourism Marketing in May 2020.

A positive message that brings hope

Background: the emergence of COVID-19 brought the winter season 2019/20 to an abrupt and premature close in March 2020. Due to the uncertainty caused by the virus, demand for summer holidays also plummeted. The Tyrol campaign aimed to attract new guests after travel restrictions were relaxed, tempting them to take a summer holiday in the Tyrol mountains with the positive message of ‘Things are going uphill’. The target group was made up of Austrian and German holidaymakers with an interest in Alpine breaks who were keen to travel in summer 2020.

How do you awaken the desire to travel?

The video ads and images used in the campaign focus on atmospheric panoramic shots of Tyrolean landscapes that rouse a longing for nature, peace and tranquillity. The indirect promise: here is the perfect place to escape everyday life and re-energise.

Saint Elmo’s Tourismusmarketing: Tirol Kampagne

Data-driven media strategy

The defined target groups were addressed via YouTube, programmatic video and banner ads. Banner motifs with different themes were created, which were automatically displayed to users with matching profiles. User data from visitors to the TIROL.AT website was particularly relevant here. Data segments with matching user profiles were also obtained from the Austrian National Tourist Office. The purchase of advertising space was also automated via the Tirol Werbung demand-side platform (DSP).

Optimised rotators

Optimised rotators were used for programmatic ads, which, depending on the time of day and user interest, automatically displayed the relevant campaign motif from the three themes of ‘hiking’, ‘sunset’ and ‘sunrise’.

[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's Tourismusmarketing: Tirol Kampagne Grafik

Peak results

The ‘Es geht Bergauf’ campaign to promote Tyrol as a holiday destination for summer 2020 reached more than 26 million ad impressions, over 52,000 clicks and 2.8 million completed video views.


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