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How do you sell emotions?

Magical moments with Stage Entertainment for sustainable customer loyalty.

Imposing musical productions and unforgettable show experiences – that's what Stage Entertainment stands for.

More than eight million visitors are whisked away to magical worlds in 20 theaters every year and are thrilled again and again. Comprehensive customer loyalty management is essential so that visitors to the shows become loyal stage customers. Saint Elmo's supports Stage Entertainment in the area of customer relationship management (CRM), with a focus on the digital sales channels.

Saint Elmo's develops holistic e-mailing concepts that accompany the musicals throughout their duration – from the big premiere to the emotional Dernière, the last performance of the piece. The concepts give the e-mailings the look and feel of the musicals and bring the attention to detail and emotions straight from the stage to the customers' mailboxes.

In addition to the e-mailings, other advertising media for social media platforms and banners strengthen customer loyalty.

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How do you develop a dialogue campaign with a real bite?

DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES finally returned to Hamburg after 11 years as one of the most successful musicals of all time. The challenge was to mobilize an extensive address database with fans.

Saint Elmo's developed an emotional dialogue campaign with fan-relevant content, which was played online and offline. Thus, partly interactive e-mailings with live countdown, character tests and personal greetings from musical characters, such as the vampire count himself, awakened nostalgic feelings. At the same time, the call-to-action took place on social media platforms through activating advertising banners. The offline mailing was a special highlight of the campaign, which could be rolled up into a post to protect it from the vampires.

The campaign was distinguished by a remarkable open rate in the high-affinity target group, an outstanding click rate as well as an impressive reach and above-average impressions. The ticket sale was a complete success!

An exemplary dialogue campaign that more than lived up to the musical.

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E-mailings for high-altitude flights!

Stage Entertainment was faced with the challenge of selling a completely new show concept: PARAMOR combines artistry and singing for an incomparable experience and already celebrated its premiere on Broadway. However, communication had to be re-created for the German market. Only the word and figurative marks were adopted from the American production.

The requirement was to develop a spectacular design that took the customers directly into the golden era of Hollywood. With a lot of glitter, glamor and opulence, CRM measures brought a world to life in which the stars shine brighter than ever.





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The Queen of Rock conquers Germany

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical tells the moving life story of the Queen of Rock. The musical was created exclusively in collaboration with the artist and shows the ups and downs of a woman who managed to break the chains of society.

In order to be successful in communication and conversion, community management, which actively involves the user, is essential. Half a year before the German premiere, Saint Elmo's therefore built up an exclusive stage fan community. This was accompanied by an extensive e-mailing campaign and the full support of the social media channels, including the creation of editorial content.

At the start of the Tina community, the German Tina Turner fan clubs and stage customers were informed by email and a large number of super fans and musical lovers received exclusive content and sneak previews. They were able to vote on the design of ads and spots and thus have an active say. An example of this is the musical trailer – the community could choose between two versions. The result is an increased response to our posts on the social web, which were liked and commented more frequently than usual. Thanks to the recommendation marketing of the super fans and many other stage entertainment customers, the community rose to over 10,000 members. Through exclusive interviews and greetings from Tina Turner himself, members of the community became buyers of the tickets.

The channels were thematically loaded with content from the content hub installed by Saint Elmo's. New individual content was regularly developed and produced here. The fans in the community thus became important and authentic multipliers on the social web.

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User-oriented regular communication

Stage Entertainment uses regular communication to describe the e-mailings that customers receive after purchasing a ticket and that accompany them until they visit. They should provide the customer with all the necessary information and at the same time increase the anticipation of the visit.

The innovative approach developed by Saint Elmo's puts a landing page in the focus of the contact route. This is where all content and information about visiting the show is available to the customer at all times. It's up to the user to decide when and to what extent they want to access the content. The individual link to the landing page is provided to the customer with the "Thank you for booking" email.

From this point on, email communication can be tailored to the respective user behavior. If a customer opens the emails and shows interest in the content, they will continue to receive short “anticipation teasers”. If they don't open the emails, they will be redirected to the landing page again shortly before they visit to ensure that they receive all the information necessary for the show. After the visit, there's another email that links to the landing page again and asks the customer to complete a survey.

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