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How do you make winter activities on the mountain more attractive?

The alpine presentation of ice skating on the mountain.

Ice skating has always been one of the most popular leisure activities in winter tourism, but today there's an underestimated demand potential in the tourist regions. After skiing, ice skating is by far the most popular winter sport among Austrians and is practiced by many cities across Europe. ALPINE ICE uses this potential and offers a new range of exercise on the mountain. With the dramaturgical staging of nature and technology, design, sport and entertainment, a new, modular tourism product is created on the mountain.

Ice skating at a panoramic altitude combined with Nordic ice skating and bumpy tracks is made possible by a sophisticated technical concept. This was developed in cooperation with the market leader in ice technology AST Absorber Technology by the innovation and tourism experts Renate Bauer and Martin Schobert. On ice rinks with a view, we combine well-known feelings of life from childhood and a movement format with a panorama of the peaks. Mountaineers and non-skiers discover a new form of alpine sport with Nordic Ice Skating.

[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's Tourismusmarketing Alpine Ice

What is Nordic Ice Skating?

Nordic Ice Skating already enjoys cult status in Scandinavia, the USA and Canada. In the new alpine mountain sport, you have a kind of cross-country shoes with bindings and skids and you are on the move with poles.

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What does an Alpine Ice course look like?

The size is variable depending on the topography. There should be space for around one kilometer of ice tracks with a maximum gradient of 3%. Other staging elements can be observation and warming stations, areas for curling, gastro stations, silent entertainment with light games, silent disco, ambient music.

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What are the implementation steps?

The experts at Saint Elmo's Tourismusberatung accompany you from planning to implementation. At the beginning, there's a feasibility study that analyzes the technical and economic feasibility (inspection, design, routing, cost estimation, added value for tourism).
The next step is the submission planning with preliminary planning for routing and land use, site construction, technology, architecture and open space planning (ice technology can be dismantled, summer paths, compensatory measures, support).

This is followed by the detail and execution planning. Detail planning of the routes and the staging, cost calculation, sales and experience concept (rental, design, architecture, furniture, light, sound, silent & WLAN entertainment, event recording, courses, local pop-up Gastro concept, crowdfunding support, etc.)


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