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Saint Elmo's and Scout open a new chapter together

New campaign, new corporate design, new digital strategy: with the slogan ‘Ready for a new world’, Saint Elmo’s and Scout awaken enthusiasm in children and adults alike for the adventure of school.

The adventure of school: a campaign for children & adults

The new campaign motifs show the anticipation, curiosity and enthusiasm of children starting school. The focus is on facial expressions as well as the body language of children who are enjoying a moment of discovery. To ensure an authentic portrayal of the situation, parents, teachers and classmates are recognisable in the motifs.

A common message links all the motifs together: ‘Whether on the way to school, in the classroom or at home: with your new Scout, you’ll always have a best friend by your side. Get ready to discover a new world together!’

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New Corporate Design with attention to detail

At the same time as the campaign launch, Scout will unveil its new look. Saint Elmo's developed a new typeface as well as a new colour and design language that give the brand an emotional charge and are intended to appeal to both children and their parents alike. Characteristics for which the Scout school bag has stood for the past 40 years are reflected in the new brand identity, namely lightness, colourfulness, ergonomics, safety and awareness of quality.


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Scout schoolbag Agency shop

Fit for the future: Scout goes digital

In addition to the emotionalisation, Saint Elmo's is also responsible for the increased digitalisation of the brand. This comprises media campaign management as well as the optimisation of all digital touchpoints, including the website. The omnichannel sales concept is also intended to enable a seamless connection between stationary retail and eCommerce platforms.


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Social media with a focus

For postings on social media channels, Saint Elmo's relies on a varied mix of detailed product presentations, emotional videos, a colourful variety of trivia posts and interactive promotions – all of course with a uniform campaign look for 360° brand perception. In the first few months of the year in particular, when people are buying school bags, Scout retains a constant presence in the feeds of the target group thanks to increased frequency of posting. Useful background information and tips on how to select a model are complemented by a varied range of inspirations relating to design and accessories and provide the perfect support on all platforms when it comes to looking for the ideal companion for the adventure of school.


Advertising material that catches the eye

For additional media impact outside the group of social media followers, Saint Elmo's created the optimal media mix in collaboration with Mediateam 360°: with little scatter loss, maximum performance and targeted retargeting, interested parties are always reached in the right place at the right time but are never ‘overwhelmed’ with advertising. In addition to native social ads and SEA ads, striking display ads and dynamic formats promote awareness and conversion. Special highlights include moving images and colourful, charming animations.


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Scout is full of life, including at the POS

Creativity and joy are also conveyed at the POS: from lovingly designed counter displays to informative product brochures about the Genius, Alpha and Sunny II models. Friendly colour and picture worlds appeal to children, while parents get the most important information in a concise and to the point manner.


We're continuing on our common path

The collaboration between the Steinmann Group, which the Scout brand is part of, and Saint Elmo's began in September 2020 after the agency won the brand communication pitch.

Other brands in the Steinmann Group include Leonhard Heyden, Windrose, Golden Head, OXMOX, Slim6, Scouty, DerDieDas snd 4YOU, which will also be managed by Saint Elmo's from 2021. The sister agency Mediateam 360° is responsible for the media segment.

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