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What is Iggy Pop doing in the Bavarian Forest?

Saint Elmo's develops punk-style launch campaign for SCHOCK sinks.

Punk meets sustainability

How do you showcase a kitchen brand that stands for cult, innovation and style? For the Bavarian sink manufacturer SCHOCK Spülen, Saint Elmo's found just the right creative answer and created an unconventional campaign with Iggy Pop as an ambassador. The focus is on the new product line CRISTADUR® Green Line and the sustainability strategy SINK GREEN.

With Iggy Pop, Saint Elmo's has found the perfect ambassador and special look for the SCHOCK brand. The world-famous musician is not just a symbol of individuality and punk, but also stands for permanence and personal style.

[Translate to English:] Iggy Pop auf einem Thron aus Spülen

Fairytale production

In the advertising film for the new SCHOCK campaign, Iggy Pop sits on a throne made of sinks in a forest clearing and tells the story of SCHOCK sinks and the SINK GREEN sustainability strategy with mischievous wisdom. The scenery is a fairy-tale representation of the Bavarian forest and is brought to life by animated animals.


What does an otter have to do with a kitchen sink?

The magical-looking forest and selected animals are symbolic of the sustainable approach followed by SCHOCK Spülen. The animals are all protected species such as the otter and the lynx and all feel at home in the Bavarian Forest, just like SCHOCK.

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[Translate to English:] Fischotter im SCHOCK Werbefilm
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The new advertising film builds on the tradition of earlier SCHOCK campaigns that Saint Elmo's designed for the sink manufacturer. The surreal production and tongue-in-cheek storytelling underline the trendy and fresh character of the premium brand. The ambassador Iggy Pop also lends the new campaign an international feel.

The SCHOCK campaign will launch in January 2021. It will be presented in various places, including online and at the POS. A varied creative team was involved in the implementation alongside the agency Saint Elmo’s, including photographer and illustrator Klaus Pichler and the design studio Michael Schad. Namoto Film in Munich was responsible for the production of the advertising film.

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