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Can emails lure users to the TV?

The maxdome eCRM program shows how relevance is created through personalization.


The online video store maxdome has been one of our esteemed regular clients for many years. During this time, Saint Elmo's was able to accompany various development stages of the eCRM program. Over the course of the latest brand relaunch, all e-mail communication was to be optimized and expanded to become a cornerstone of the company's success. In concrete terms, this meant increasing the number of subscribers and up-sells, improving churn prevention and win-backs, as well as the general increase in opening and response rates.

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Strategy: The path to relevance

Successful eCRM always needs one thing: relevant content. People hear that a lot, but it's easier said than done. The goal is an e-mail system that understands its recipients and addresses them in a personalized manner. This creates content that the customer wants. And so emails become a real asset to the inbox.


Concept: Personalized and dynamic

Together with maxdome, we designed dynamic contact routes that provided the recipient with individualized (and thus relevant) content. On the basis of socio-demographic and usage-based user data, the e-mails were generated in a modular manner and controlled according to the situation. Of course anonymized and 100g compliant with data protection. Film fans received film inspiration that matched their individual preferences. New customers were taken by the hand and activated for first use. Inactive customers were reactivated with attractive win-back offers. In short, all e-mail recipient received what really interested them – at exactly the right moment.

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Design: Brand-appropriate and activating

The brand's new look and feel has been successively adapted to the email templates. Strong accent colors for campaign modules and CTAs now ensure visual user guidance and optimal conversion. The large-scale staging of film and series content tickles the eye and provides the emotional part of the design.

Design development for e-mails also means knowing the technical framework. This is the only way to ensure that the templates not only look nice, but are also displayed optimally and without errors on all end devices. In total, we created over 100 template modules and format variants in a responsive layout, which can be arranged dynamically in countless combinations.


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Development and integration: Quite complex

Programming HTML templates is somewhat like protecting a bag of fleas. The innumerable peculiarities of the various operating systems and e-mail clients bring even experienced developers to their psychological limits. Especially if you want to go far beyond standard modules. Testing tools and emulators help to ensure optimal display security on every device. In addition, we took care of the integration of the templates into the e-mail dispatch systems with their own syntax for the definition of the dynamic dispatch rules. All of this is not a sure-fire success, but exactly what we like: technical challenges that ultimately lead to effective communication and real added value for customers.

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