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A pink llama as a brand ambassador?

Our integrated brand campaign for Jules Mumm proves that courage and creativity are worthwhile. #llamalove

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Yippie Yippie Bumm, here comes Jules Mumm.

The client briefing: Develop a campaign to communicate the Jules Mumm sparkling wine brand off the beaten track (advertising). The solution: A pink llama as a 3D testimonial that reaches a target group that is almost only online. Party instead of boredom, uniqueness instead of interchangeability is now the motto. In keeping with the new claim, "You're more Jules than you think." And the song for the campaign really gets things going: "Yippie Yippie Bumm, here comes Jules Mumm."

Saint Elmo's: Jules Mumm Video

Darling of the target group

In addition to TV, the 360-degree campaign for Jules Mumm primarily includes the digital area. Lama Jules is conquering the social media channels with ever new campaigns. He's in daily dialogue with the target group and the steadily growing fan base. Our llama also leaves his hoof prints at the POS, for example in the form of fluffy-furry cooling sleeves, which become a real must-have and playfully combine the online and offline worlds.

Saint Elmo's Berlin JulesMumm Werbebotschafter
Saint Elmo's Werbeagentur JulesMumm Sprüche
Jules Mumm Saint Elmo's Konzept
Saint Elmo's Berlin Kreativagentur JulesMumm Sprüche
Saint Elmo's JulesMumm Jules Sprüche
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Conclusion: "Oh yeah!"

Meanwhile our pink llama receives love letters like a Hollywood star. People identify with the campaign claim "You are more Jules than you think" and use Jules as a profile and header image, among other things. The number of followers on Instagram, for example, has increased almost six fold since the campaign started, and the short videos uploaded to giphy.com that show our llama in action are currently at a proud 516.6 million GIF views.

What does Jules say about all the hype about himself? "Yippie, Yippie, boom, here comes Jules Mumm!" We see it the same way.


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