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More mingling through music?

Hits meet hearts in the new hr3 autumn campaign by Saint Elmo’s.

Hits + heart for Hesse

hr3 and Saint Elmo’s get Hesse’s radio listeners in the mood for a musical autumn. The campaign with the motto Hits + Heart for Hesse not only promotes the radio channel’s musical programme, but also encourages an increased sense of community in Hesse. It is therefore the perfect match for the hr3 brand campaign Zuhause in Hessen sind wir füreinander da (‘At home in Hesse, we’re here for each other’).

hr3 campaign: Moment "Jogging"

What does music do?

The short campaign films show the unifying power of music. Strangers are brought together by music and experience a sense of togetherness and conviviality. – A tired jogger is given headphones by a passing runner and is motivated to keep going. A mother in the park with her daughter is caught out by the rain. She shares her parasol with a group of young people who have a boombox with them, providing a feel-good soundtrack despite the downpour.

Tobias Kämmerer in the hr3 autumn campaign

One of the short films also features the hr3 presenters Tanja and Tobi. They enter a quiet bar, where the pianist cuts a lonely, somewhat sad figure. Tobi joins them at the piano and the mood brightens as they make music together.

Max Giesinger in the hr3 campaign

Pop star Max Giesinger also appears in the hr3 autumn campaign. Backstage, he approaches a young musician who is obviously suffering from stage fright and gives her some encouragement. The girl takes to the stage with her guitar and confidently performs.

The language of music needs no words

The emotional stories are told in just three to four shots. The vignette films work on their own, but can also be combined as desired. They are easy to understand without sound and are suitable for all known moving-image media. The autumn campaign will feature on social media, addressable TV and cinema as well as the hr3 channels.

hr3 Kampagne 2021: Video-Vorschaubild
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