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How do you make Hessians happy?

Saint Elmo's sets a new tone with the moderator campaign for the hr3.

What do you like to hear?

The task was to develop a moderator campaign with the focus on the hr3 morning show moderators Tanja and Tobi. The campaign idea should work in the long term and be adaptable for different occasions and seasons.

The leitmotif picks up the traits of Tanja and Tobi and depicts them with humor and self-irony in various poses. They come into contact with the people of Hesse as equals and give them a good feeling.


Saint Elmo's Werbeagentur hr3 Station Video
[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's: hr3 Werbeagentur

How do you get into the ear through the eye?

The "Happy Hessen" campaign motto was adapted regionally to selected cities and the mechanics were adapted with charm to individual advertising media. "Happy Hessen" became "Happy Frankfurt", "Happy Offenbach", "Happy Closing Time" or "Happy Friends". The campaign was wide-ranging: OOH, ads, promotions, ambient and social media.


A GIF and sticker collection was also created for the social media channels. Happy cell phone, happy handset, happy Hessen!

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