[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's Experiential: Virtuelles Event für GE Healthcare

A product launch as a virtual event?

For GE Healthcare, Saint Elmo's Experiential designed a virtual launch event that enables an international audience to experience a new product from the comfort of their own homes.

Attending events from the sofa?

How can a product be presented to a group of international trade specialists who cannot come together at a traditional event? For the launch of the Voluson SWIFT ultrasound scanner by GE Healthcare, Saint Elmo’s Experiential conceived and designed a virtual event. The virtual launch event was held internationally in twelve of GE Healthcare’s sales regions and offered participants the opportunity to experience the new ultrasound scanner with AI technology in a holographic presentation. And all without having to get up from the sofa.

Curtain up for the virtual auditorium!

When planning the virtual event, it was important to ensure that the audience were not left to navigate three-dimensional rooms on their own, but were rather guided quickly and easily to information and the product itself. Therefore, we created an auditorium where visitors were welcomed before the actual product presentation on stage. In order to create an authentic event ambience, sound effects typical of a large gathering were used.

Virtual branding?

When designing the virtual rooms, we focused on the violet brand colour of GE Healthcare. The minimalist architecture and sketch-like representation of participants also brings the brand to the fore. Core brand messages positioned on selected virtual walls and special lighting effects ensure variety and an effective ambience.

GE Healthcare Video
Saint Elmo's Experiential: AR application for the product launch of GE Healthcare

Holographic product experience

Parallel to the ongoing event, visitors also had the opportunity to discover the ultrasound scanner in a personal holographic experience. No additional app was needed – all they had to do was open a link on their smartphone. Chief Developer Adam D. Angiulli then appeared on the smartphone as a hologram to explain the features of the medical device. – To achieve this, we captured Adam in 3D and converted the recordings to augmented reality. This meant he could appear as a hologram to every user at home and present the GE Healthcare product directly on site.

[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's Experiential: Demo für Touchscreen-Devices

Try before you try

In addition to a wide range of USPs, the new Voluson SWIFT ultrasound scanner has a touchscreen that enables complex actions to be controlled and executed with the simplest of gestures. Since this feature was to be a highlight of the communication, we developed a demo tour with sequences for touchscreen devices. This enabled users to try out the controls for themselves in the virtual, contactless presentation – during the international product presentation.

An entire event from one single source?

In order to give the product launch the character of an event with a storyline and dramaturgy, the rendered 3D sequences of the virtual event location were mixed with pre-recorded presentations by GE Healthcare specialists. To this end, we established direct exchange between the customer’s specialists and production. And although COVID meant that all filming and coordination had to be done remotely, the collaboration worked brilliantly.

The international product launch event combined all of the pre-produced assets with live feeds. This brought added dynamism to the virtual event and ensured an authentic event experience for visitors.

All services, from conception through scripting, design, 3D rendering and post-production all the way to live mixing, were provided and coordinated exclusively by Saint Elmo’s Experiential.

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