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Looking for pure relaxation?

The traditional brand fenjal is celebrating its relaunch. The focus of the new print campaign with the claim "My Me Moment" is femininity with all its beauty and tenderness, but also its inner strength.

What does this entail?

The focus of the print campaign is femininity with all its beauty and tenderness, but also its inner strength. The core of the target group are brand-affine women 50+ who are looking for rest, relaxation and mental and physical well-being when buying body lotion or bath/shower products.

These values had to be conveyed authentically and credibly with a brand ambassador. Tatjana Patitz was won over for this. A woman who is at peace with herself and has very positive self-confidence. She stands for the beauty of women, is credible, open and personable and known to the target group. A real icon that also charges fenjal's image with international flair. She achieved great fame in the 1990s during the time of the first large international supermodels, which were presented by Peter Lindbergh in an unforgettable way.

The brand is experienced in a particularly pure and neutral way. It symbolizes balance and openness. These attributes are also reflected in the look and feel of the motif. The "feel-good moment" takes place calmly in a neutral room that exudes a sovereign calm. In terms of color, it's reminiscent of a wellness area and the brand color. The environment completely withdraws and gives the woman and the emotions she experiences the necessary space to work.

Fenja Werbeagentur
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The message of the campaign is that fenjal helps you to care for yourself, to find inner peace and balance and to allow yourself to shine from the inside. This magical pampering moment, which you can experience for yourself, is summarized by the campaign line: "My me moment".

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