The F.A.Z. with AR features from Saint Elmo's Experiential.

A glimpse of the future with FAZ?

The newspaper of the future: the biggest FAZ of the year is unveiled with AR features by Saint Elmo's Experiential.

The AR F.A.Z. of 2021

Are you ready for an innovative newspaper experience?

With its focus on ‘Future Germany’ and a total circulation of 500,000 copies, the highest-circulation issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung not only offers a glimpse of the future in terms of content. It also reveals what the newspaper of tomorrow will look like.


Newspaper with virtual content

Print medium with virtual extras

In keeping with its focal point, the biggest FAZ of the year is released as an interactive print medium with virtual content. Fancy reading a newspaper article and watching a supplementary video on the same page via your smartphone? Or how about experiencing a newspaper ad in 3D or as a moving image? The future says hello – it has long since arrived.

[Translate to English:] Augmented Reality Features von Saint Elmo's Experiential

How does it work?

The digital features with augmented reality were developed and implemented by Saint Elmo's Experiential. They are based on WebAR, which means that users do not need to install an app to use them. Instead, the AR content is simply accessed via QR codes printed on the newspaper pages. How it’s done: readers scan the QR code with their smartphone camera and can then view the linked content on the display.

What is it for?

AR applications unite printed content with moving images, 3D animations or virtual showrooms and transform reading the newspaper into an interactive, multimedia experience. They offer real added value to users, as demonstrated by the success of the FAZ issue with AR in 2020, which was also published with AR features developed by Saint Elmo’s Experiential. The AR content recorded more than 24,000 unique users and an average dwell time of 5.36 minutes – nothing short of a dream value for videos on social media.

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