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Uncompromising flavour

The usual advertising for vegan products pales in comparison with the international campaign for the new food label beleaf.

Don’t waste your taste

Saint Elmo’s has developed a bold and colourful campaign for the long-established Swiss brand Emmi’s new label beleaf, which is aimed at a young, urban target market. The products’ great flavours are at the centre of the campaign. The fact that beleaf’s plant-based drinks, shakes and yoghurts don’t compromise on taste and offer a tasty alternative to other milk substitute products is highlighted by the campaign’s slogan: Don’t waste your taste!

beleaf Werbekampagne

Surprisingly delicious

The international campaign incorporates traditional advertising mediums such OOH, print and the www.beleaf.eu website as well as social media. The design is based on the eye-catching product packaging, which features jungle motifs that allude to the beleaf brand name. Just as the products themselves stand out on supermarket shelves, the colourful and lively campaign imagery breaks with traditional communication designs for vegan foods, instead inspiring consumers with a craving for an indulgent plant-based treat.

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The flavour of happiness

The social media campaign additionally relies on photographic imagery and animations that radiate vitality and reflect the colourful urban lifestyles of the nutrition-conscious target group. The message: you don’t need to compromise on flavour and enjoyment to eat a healthy, plant-based diet.

The beleaf campaign was launched in Switzerland in March 2020 and is being rolled out to other European countries. Saint Elmo’s will also take on the communications for new beleaf products currently in development.

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