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Too much information?

Website relaunch: The new website for the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) offers to-the-point information and gets users there faster.

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Understanding instead of frustration

A website can never offer too much relevant content. But the view often suffers from a lot of content. The crux: Despite having a lot of content, users can quickly access the information that's of personal interest to them. The goal of the relaunch of the DIW website was just that.

The DIW, one of the leading economic research institutes in Germany since 1925, provides detailed and scientifically sound information on socially relevant topics from the areas of politics, economy and social affairs on its website. In order to make it easier for visitors to access information in abundance of contributions, the website was redesigned in terms of content and appearance.



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Quickly found instead of looking for a long time?

According to the motto, "Quickly found instead of searching for a long time", visitors to the DIW website should reach their goal with a maximum of 3 clicks. For this purpose, the contribution inventory was first analyzed during the development of the new page structure and based on this, the content was rearranged thematically. This makes it easier for visitors to find their way around the website and find the content that's relevant to them. In addition, the revised search function enables you to search for articles in a targeted manner by using search filters.


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People like to linger here

The new, reduced design also ensures greater clarity and a positive user experience. After the relaunch, the DIW website presents itself in a modern, calm look. Large pictures and graphics, legible typography and the fresh color combination of white and green contribute to this.

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Kind to everyone

The user-friendliness of the site does not end with the visitors. The integration of selected tools also simplifies the work of DIW employees. This includes, for example, the direct sending of newsletters and press releases as well as the automated transfer of the "DIW weekly report" print publication into online format.


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Mobile economy

Users can now also easily access DIW's range of information on the go. The knowledge and information portal has been given a responsive layout as part of the relaunch.



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Everything under one roof

Finally – in order to bring all DIW information under one roof – the existing DIW platforms SOEP (Socio-Economic Panel) and the "Graduate Center" were integrated into the DIW website.



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