TV Advertisement for the Knappschaft? Yes, that’s possible!

Starting January 18th, SAINT ELMO’S Berlin is realizing the second year of the cross-media campaign for the Knappschaft. The character Bernd Stromberg, the lead role in the German adaptation of the British series The Office, is continuing to play the lead role. The authentic-cynical character from the eponymous comedy series is confident in Germany’s oldest health insurance.

“The Knappschaft and I are basically the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of insurance. you know, when the best of the best get together. Only, we’re not adopting kids and the Knappschaft is a bit older. And cheaper. Cheaper in a positive way, that is”, Stromberg says of the cooperation.

The campaign is appearing on TV for the first time. In addition to cinema, info screens, online advertising and the campaign website at As usual, Stromberg seizes upon typical preconceptions about insurance companies, emphasizes the Knappschaft’s services and establishes them as the ones who can make everything possible. All in keeping with the “Yes, that’s possible!” campaign motto.

“The Knappschaft is different and helps people when other insurance companies refuse. Get-ting this message across is our goal”, according to Ben Künkler, managing director of SAINT ELMO’S. “That way we can create a young image with our Stromberg testimonial and reach a target group in a simple, understandable and entertaining way.“

The advertising campaign explores new avenues in the area of insurance advertising with its tonality and design. Current questions and concerns for consumers take center stage and make us grin. Ben Künkler: “The Yes, that’s possible! campaign has all the attributes to sus-tainably strengthen and expand the Knappschaft brand.”

The highlights for Stromberg in this cooperation? “Some old colleagues from CAPITOL switched to the Knappschaft last year. Even though they know me. First, that shows what a great insurance company it is and second, that I really can be quite persuasive. I also got a really nice key chain. With a built-in bottle opener. The smallest things are the ones that make me really happy…”

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