The Singing Bus Stop

A very special location was chosen as a continuation of the “Der Herbst dreht aus” campaign for BAYERN 3, which translates as "Autumn is winding down". This time without any prior notice. At a stage disguised as a construction site, the radio played band hits from BAYERN 3 matching the passengers. The video for the campaign was promoted through various digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, of course, on the air waves.

The musical experience took center stage in the Autumn campaign created by SAINT ELMO'S and BAYERN 3. With a wide variety of exceptional events, listeners had the opportunity to experience music close up and in a very special environment over the whole autumn. Whether consciously or - as was the case here - quite surprisingly.

Before that, superstar James Blunt gave an exclusive concert on the roof of the BR high-rise and Adel Tawil played with a "committed to royalty" theme in Nymphenburg Palace.

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