SOFORT Überweisung: Safety first

With over 18 million customers, SOFORT Überweisung has counted among the established online payment systems in Germany for a long time now. Customers can comfortably pay in over 30,000 online shops. In addition to the preservation of brand awareness, the current campaign is focusing on security – an essential factor in the selection of preferred payment systems according to market research.

This is what the communication is based on and it shows the high security standards of SOFORT Überweisung in a bold and atypical way: in the 20 second video ads, a motocross driver prepares himself for his big stunt in the same way as the widely popular higher-farther-faster stunt videos. But in place of a reckless maneuver, he makes an extremely safe jump from a short curb. As such, both the driver and product are taking the safe route. That makes the campaign’s claim clear once again: “safety first.”

SAINT ELMO'S Munich is responsible for the concept, creation and implementation of this campaign. Media planning and booking is done by mediateam 360°.

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