Just in time for the new year and the booking season, is beginning a national advertising campaign in cooperation with SAINT ELMO'S Campaign and mediateam 360°. Radio and online media formats are being used to further strengthen the awareness of the company and to increase bookings.

Under the direction of Thorsten Hardtmann, who guides both the and brands, a campaign emphasizing humor and sales is being developed for late 2011. is playing on a legendary sketch by German comedian Dieter Hallervorden. The bit is called "Palim, Palim” and it takes place at a kind of local shop. The reference here is to the "Flugladen" (German for ‘flight shop’) word mark and the positive atmosphere of a pleasant local shop placed over the brand of an online travel agency. As an infamous cult comedian, Hallervorden and his unique voice are simply perfect for the humorous and attention-grabbing radio campaign. This is also the very first time the celebrity has appeared in an advertisement.

The following series of radio commercials describes the spectrum of services offered with clever word-play by the online flight and travel agency. "A bottle of flights...", "A big bag of airline tickets..." and "a huge cup of holiday..." are just some of the diverse and entertaining radio commercials that were pro-duced.

Since the beginning of 2012 (01.09.2012), the commercials have been played by all relevant radio sta-tions and especially at the main departure airports in Germany. The listeners are meant to start their day with a smile and experience the diversity of services through the various commercials. The famous "Palim, Palim" doorbell chime voiced by Hallervorden from the legendary TV sketch forms an integral part of the commercials. Attention was of course also given to online communication. This made it possible to reach out to customers right where they book the flights and supports the campaign more efficiently. The networked use of media is based on the mixture of wider brand publication and on wide-coverage sites and attention-grabbing advertising. mediateam 360° was able to draw on the experiences of various campaigns in the tourism sector. The spring flight is the first in a far-reaching and intensive campaign. For that, clearly sets its sights on the few remaining online travel providers still ranked ahead of them. Hotel and car bookings in addition to flights will also become increasingly important.


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