"Always a great help. Even with small energy projects." In 2013, we launched an image campaign for GASAG using this very slogan. The goal of the campaign was to present the services offered by the Berlin-based energy provider to existing and potential clients in the right light.

The campaign was picked up again for 2014 and then expanded to include a new offering: the "energy from one source" service. Up until that time, GASAG had been primarily recognized as a natural gas supplier. But the fact of the matter was that the company had been suppling households with electricity for some time. Our challenge was to communicate this message consistently using various channels: as a promotional clip, as a radio spot and a poster.


In the campaign, we tell stories about a likable family from Berlin. The main focus is on the 8-year old daughter who’s interested in energy issues. The "little energy expert" participated in small scenes pertaining to the services provided by GASAG - in each case of course with a happy ending.

In the new story, which we developed for the "energy from one source" service, we make use of a certain double meaning. Just as the GASAG product family adds the new electricity product as a "new member”, the family in our story does the same: a little brother or sister for the little energy expert.

The implementation of the story was adapted to the different media, such as print, radio and film. To visualize the energy topic, we accelerated the dynamically "energetic" mother by using a time-lapse recording for the video. In post-production, the time-lapse was then combined with the peaceful image of the daughter to create an appropriate contrast.

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