The goal of the new campaign by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin is to give Germany's oldest health insurance company a more youthful image. By doing so, we can grab the attention of their target audience in a simple, easily understandable and more entertaining way while showing them the company's services.

An antihero does advertising.

The Knappschaft is different and makes things possible that other companies simply can't. The message of the campaign is presented through a dialogue between the cynical Stromberg, the highly successful lead role in German adaptation of the hit series The Office, and the Knappschaft.

In his very own provocative and humorous way, Stromberg represents the usual preconceptions that consumers have when it comes to health insurance. The Knappschaft contradicts those preconceptions with the campaign slogan, "Yes, that’s possible!” and introduces the benefits of its own medical insurance plans, such as support for young families, acupuncture without co-payments and free travel vaccinations.

Both the tonality and the design of this advertising campaign distinguish it from ordinary insurance company advertising. It directly addresses current issues and concerns of consumers, all while putting a smile on their faces. As a result, the "Yes, that’s possible!" campaign offers the best chances to strengthen the "Knappschaft" brand in a long-term and sustainable way.

The innovative advertising campaign is cross-medial and starts on January 13th, 2015 on large format posters, in print publications and on the radio. One of the important communications components is the large-scale display campaign, which links to the campaign website at

Radio Spot "Believe"

Radio Spot "Dreams"

Flash Banner "Travel vaccination covered?"

Flash Banner "Acupuncture"

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