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In addition to the attention for the new brand and its positioning of the slogan which translates as "wishes become trips", a networked dialogue campaign became a genuine free experience and took on a real dimension of its own.


How can we make travel easier to experience on an individual basis? How exactly do travelers find their perfect trip? Need some inspiration? Using a personal invitation mailing,out-of-home, online and POS methods, we created a custom travel sweepstakes. Participants could assemble their dream trip from more than 150 images in the form of five image tiles, give their trip a name and then share it on Facebook. Over the course of two months, anyone could play on the campaign microsite, on Facebook or with flyers at the travel agency. At the end of the game, the five most-voted images from DER were combined into a dream trip worth 10,000 EUR and awarded to three winners.


Around 23,500 active participants, 26,103 trip wishes submitted and 8,577 requests for more deals made “wishes will travel" a reality. The campaign contributed to booking levels with its numerous booking entries during the specified result analysis period. The campaign won three bronze medals and one silver medal at the German Dialogue Marketing Awards.

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