[Translate to English:] Raum für Neues: der neue Markenauftritt von combine

How do you create room for new things?

Saint Elmo's designs a new brand identity for combine

[Translate to English:] Gemeinsamer Markenauftritt „combine“

Two brands, one appearance?

For the companies combine Consulting and combine design, we developed the common brand identity ‘combine’, which visualises the power of the interaction between design and consulting and offers room for development without being completely unlimited in scope.

[Translate to English:] combine Logo

How do you visualise an inner mindset?

In the new logo, the ‘C’ of consulting and ‘D’ of design form the polarities of the metasymbol. This gives rise to a symbol that stands for combination and at the same time provides space for new things to emerge. This visualised openness of the ‘combine’ metasymbol and the typography of the brand communicates the mindset and benefit, and these have an identity-forming effect.


[Translate to English:] combine Farbspektrum

The colour spectrum of combine

The friendly and lively colours and colour combinations attract attention to the communication and can be flexibly deployed depending on theme and occasion.


[Translate to English:] Combine-Bildmarke als Punkt

Striking headlines end in the ‘combine’ picture mark used as a full stop. The font colour can also be freely selected from the ‘combine’ colour spectrum.

[Translate to English:] combine Design

Topics are presented as one-word headlines with the ‘combine’ image mark used as a superscript symbol, just like a copyright symbol, at the end of the word.

[Translate to English:] Die Combine-Bildmarke als Framing-Element

The ‘combine’ picture mark can be used as a framing element. This means that images and text can be placed in a strong context for the combine brand.

Clarity and character

The combine brand presence is completed by the new website, which also has a clear and calm logo. For corporate communications, Saint Elmo's also designed a newsletter template and office equipment in the corporate design.

combine Website
combine Website und Newsletter
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