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How is technology told emotionally?

Our integrated campaign for the Audi g-tron models peaks curiosity about alternative drive technologies.

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A very unusual launch campaign

With the launch of the first BMW X2 campaign, young and digitally savvy target groups should experience an immersive experience at the POS. Practical that we were able to create a holographic encounter with the vehicle in mixed reality. Because at the start of the campaign, the vehicle was not yet available in the showrooms. In our mobile booth, visitors could experience a guided HoloLens experience in which they could get in touch with the car. The interaction? Very easy. Just walk around the car and look at it from all sides – the most important features of the BMW X2 were automatically explained as holograms.

The world's first holographic selfie

An additional highlight of the experience was holographic selfies of the visitors generated in real time! Who hasn't always wanted to experience themselves as a mini princess Leia? And that in addition to a not yet available BMW from a completely new generation of vehicles! Before the experience, visitors were invited to become part of the mixed reality scenery themselves with a photo. We converted the photo into a hologram in a fully integrated cloud connection, which in turn was displayed in the application at the end of the experience. No BMW fan heart remained calm as the first holographic selfie in the world could also be shared on social media. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. Only real.

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Holographic content used worldwide

The BMW X2 Holographic Experience consisted of a mobile booth and two HoloLenses, which were equipped with our Holo app. The highlight: This way, visitors who weren't digitally savvy could be guided through the experience. Because the second HoloLens was always carried by a companion who could see exactly what their guest saw and could always intervene. The transfer to a qualified discussion and a subsequent test drive were easy. Thanks to the mobile structure, the BMW X2 Holographic Experience could be used worldwide and delighted more than 17,000 guests at more than 20 events.

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Saint Elmo's BMW AR Kampagne
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