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Can the bees still be saved?

The #beebetter initiative under the BurdaHome umbrella

Big topic – big commitment – big campaign

Sustainability is more than just a trend or a movement. For a modern company, sustainability has to take a stand and play a central role in economic activity. As part of the international media company, Hubert Burda Media, BurdaHome takes the initiative. It's about a large, long-term information campaign. Together with Saint Elmo's, #beebetter was created and it's an initiative to protect wild bees. Saint Elmo's Hamburg has developed the #beebetter campaign with facts and personal motifs for BurdaHome. Two series of ads to motivate people to act now.

Prominent supporters, whose black-and-white portraits have been colored with striking bee stripes, call for participation. Your statements are a call for an initiative against species extinction. The initiative underlines the urgency of the topic with enlightening facts about the importance and relevance of wild bees in everyday life.

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Give the bee a voice

The logo created by Saint Elmo's Hamburg is characterized by the balloon wings and the activating hashtag word logo. It's the symbolic representation and thus memorable.

The motifs can be found in numerous media publications, including Focus, Bunte, Freundin, Lisa, Super Illu, Mein schöner Garten, Meine Familie & ich, Lust auf Genuss, Das Haus and many more (around 200 million contacts).

BeeBetter, Saint Elmo's, Hamburg, Agentur
Eva Padberg, Model
BeeBetter, Saint Elmo's, Hamburg, Agentur
Hans Sigl, Schauspieler
BeeBetter, Saint Elmo's, Hamburg, Agentur
Uschi Glas, Schauspielerinnen
BeeBetter Saint Elmo's Nina Ruge
Nina Ruge, Fernsehmoderatorin

Prominent support

Right at the start of the campaign, actresses Uschi Glas, Stephanie Stumph and actor Hans Sigl, among others, showed up for the bees. With singer Cassandra Steen, model Eva Padberg and moderator Nina Ruge, the initiative relies on strong supporters with a long reach.

Also numerous editors-in-chief, such as Robert Schneider (Focus), Robert Pölzer (Bunte), Marie Luise Schebesta (Mein schönes Land), Anke Krohmer (Lust auf Genuss), Gaby Höger (Meine Familie & ich), Anke Helle and Mateja Mögel (Freundin) appear over the course of the campaign with portraits in black and yellow. At the point of sale, the campaign is also supported by poster advertising.

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Prominent testimonials show up across all media. The black-and-white portrait created by Berlin photographer Bodo Vitus is a sign of solidarity behind stylized black and yellow bee stripes.

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What do wild bees have to do with strawberry jam?

The factual motifs should do one thing above all: illuminate. The importance of wild bees is clearly explained using everyday products and habits.


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#beebetter honors extraordinary commitment

With the #beebetter Award, the initiative focuses on those who give the bees a voice through their commitment. From the smallest balcony box with a wildflower buffet to a large, sustainable entrepreneurial commitment – the award is presented in a total of 5 categories.

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