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How is technology told emotionally?

Our integrated campaign for the Audi g-tron models peaks curiosity about alternative drive technologies.

Through the eyes of a child

Many people are suspicious of new technologies. We have therefore developed a campaign for Audi that peaks curiosity about alternative drive technologies and arouses positive emotions.

The heart of the campaign is a visually stunning TV spot. It shows how a little boy sits on the back seat of an Audi g-tron and looks at the world from his very own perspective... What does that have to do with the power of the wind? Roll film!

Audi TV-Spot
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From online to retail

The campaign is based on an extensive online platform. There the consumer receives all the important information and an overview of the alternative drive technologies from Audi (Audi g-tron, Audi e-tron, Audi h-tron).

The campaign assets also include numerous social media activities, print ads, digital ads and six giant posters at Tegel Airport.

In addition, there are various advertising activities for the trade, including templates for advertisements and social media, supporting sales campaigns and an extended demonstration vehicle pool.

Conclusion: Success in no time

Our campaign has married alternative drive technologies and emotion – with the energy of the wind as a best man. This energy was also felt online. Over 10,000 website views per day and reports in large media from BILD to the Süddeutsche Zeitung speak a clear language.

The attention obtained in this way has fuelled interest in the newly powered Audi models. Potential customers put their Audi g-tron together in the online configurator up to 1,100 times a day.

We're happy for Audi and the future Audi drivers. And we say thank you, dear wind.

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