Integrated communication campaign for the Knappschaft

SAINT ELMO'S Berlin won the bid invitation for an integrated communications campaign for the German Federal Pension Fund. The bid invitation concerns health and nursing insurance, which is conducted in the interconnected system under the name ‘Knappschaft’. Since 2007, the Knappschaft is an optional health care fund for all employees subject to social insurance contributions. In the interconnected system, in which the Knappschaft acts as both insurer and health care provider, they’re testing innovative healthcare models and performing integrated patient care. Their aim is an integrated approach to insured healthcare. 2015 will see a major overhaul of their image and a complete repositioning.

As in previous years, the advertising campaign and PR campaign will be part of a future integrated communications campaign. Both have to be coordinated both with respect to content and timing. The launch is scheduled for January 2015.

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