The future speaks digital

The Prodinger Consulting Group and SAINT ELMO'S Travel are inviting people to a tourist match between Bavaria and Austria. Munich and Vienna celebrate a new overnight stay record each year, but who's in the lead when we take a close look at the two cities?

Both cities are trying to respond to the changing needs of their guests, and hoteliers must constantly contribute innovative ideas to the market in order to remain interesting for their guests. The future speaks digitally and we give tips on how to improve and optimize Google and Facebook channels. What can hoteliers in Bavaria learn from Austria? On December 5th, we are inviting guests to the Haus der Kommunikation in Munich and discussing the differences and similarities with many experts. The program for the event can be found here.

Subject areas

  • Urban Affairs: Tourism is booming in Vienna and Munich, but who’s in the lead?
  • Innovative online marketing based on the Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
  • Increasing added value with digital distribution systems
  • Chatbots, Siri, Alexa & Co – The future speaks digital
  • Optimal use of Google for tourism marketing – Do's and Don’ts


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