Hollywood in Upper Palatinate

As part of the "FARMING HEROES - powered by HORSCH" image campaign, which started in early 2018, the worldwide lead agency SAINT ELMO'S Munich has designed a two-and-a-half-minute image film and the accompanying activities.

The film tells the story of a generational handover at a farm, the technical advancement in the field of innovative agricultural technology and the true company story of how even today, machines are still created upon customer request.

As the moment of handover approaches, the father turns to his son to ask if he is ready for the responsibility of running the business on his own. The son assures him that he needn't worry by putting on his "Farming Hero" suit the next day, which combines all the functions of HORSCH machines and with which he heroically masters all tasks in the truest sense of the word.

The film was realized with the SOUPFilm production company and director Dustin Schöne in Schwandorf, near the head office of HORSCH, with well-known German actors and a 40-person team. Trixter was responsible for the CGI implementation; who were also involved in the production of Iron Man and other Marvel characters.

The film is aimed primarily at business-to-business customers of the global family business from the Upper Palatinate. It's used at trade fairs, on the Internet, at conferences, trainings and for corporate communication. The premiere was at the International Annual Meeting in late December and the first major B2B showing will be at the International Agricultural Fair SIMA in February 2019 in Paris.

"Using the film, we are proud to be able to demonstrate the technical pioneering role of the company and the quality of our products in such a unique way. Above all, it builds the bridge from the brand to every single farmer, customer or not. And the film was realized with so much attention to detail and with the support of many great people – you can tell that, it has a soul." Daniel Brandt (Head of Communications)

"We're a family business and that's why the topic of generational handovers is so very close to our hearts. And a big part of our story is always having thought about innovative solutions to problems. The two founders, my husband Michael Horsch and his brother Philipp Horsch as well as Theo Leeb, all have a cameo in the film. This shows that we're continuing to help everyone – past and present." Cornelia Horsch (Management)

The family-owned company HORSCH was founded in 1984 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of modern and innovative agricultural technology. The company, headquartered in Schwandorf, Bavaria, has branches in Germany and at international locations. HORSCH stands for high-tech farming innovation and manufactures products for soil cultivation, sowing and crop protection in modern agriculture. As of 2018, it employed 1,700 people worldwide and in 2017generated sales of around 356 million euros. More at


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