Entertaining insurance commercials? Yes, that's possible! SAINT ELMO'S launches a campaign for the Knappschaft

Insurance advertising has never been known for being particularly funny and entertaining. The new campaign, developed by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin for Germany's oldest insurance company, shows that that's not necessarily the case. The main focus rests on the popular Stromberg character from the eponymous TV series, a highly successful German adaptation of the hit sitcom The Office.

Stromberg addresses common prejudices about health insurance companies and simultaneously accentuates the performance of the Knappschaft in his usual provocative and humorous way. The answer is "Yes, it’s possible!" and presents the important health insurance cash benefits, such as support for young families, acupuncture without co-payments and travel vaccinations.

Bettina at Orde, managing director of the Knappschaft is excited about the testimonial occupation and the concept of the campaign: "Our goal was a fresh, energetic appearance. Stromberg has made this a huge success for us. With a slight wink, but clearly in context of the performance, we make the difference when compared to other healthcare providers and still remain authentic."

The cross-media campaign will start on January 13th, 2015 on large format posters, in print publications and on the radio. An important communications component is the large-scale display campaign linked to the campaign website Moreover, far-reaching promotional activities will expand the campaign over the course of 2015.


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