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Virtual fashion ads

11. November 2019, Kevin Prösel

AR makes it possible: Virtual fashion ads in print media

There's new life in the world of print. At the moment, readers of various lifestyle and fashion magazines can experience an advertisement produced in augmented reality for the first time. The ads were integrated within the Serviceplan Group by SAINT ELMO'S together with the Serviceplan Campaign and Mediaplus agencies and developed for the fashion brand ETERNA.

Munich, November 11, 2019 – The current ETERNA campaign shows what innovative print advertising can look like. A digital level has been added to the motifs, which, viewed from a smartphone, sets the advertising message in motion.

The campaign is a collaboration between the agencies of the Serviceplan Group. The print campaign comes from the creative lead agency Serviceplan Campaign, the media plan from Mediaplus and the concept and technical implementation of the AR advertisement from SAINT ELMO'S Berlin. 

Print ads become advertising clips

The advertisements that can currently be seen in various fashion and lifestyle publications use augmented reality (AR) to present fashion in an expanded and animated manner – in the print context, a completely new way of staging brands and products.

With the AR print advertising, the fashion label ETERNA advertises women's blouses that are elegantly staged. Readers can bring the virtual advertising motifs to life by scanning the QR codes in the ads with their smartphone camera. After a confirmation tap, the AR animation starts on the mobile phone display. The novelty is that there's no need to install an app. 

From the print magazine to the online shop with just one click

The combination of print and augmented reality not only turns the print ads into three-dimensional advertising clips, but also creates direct links to the ETERNA product. With a tap, potential customers are directly in the shop during the animation and can buy the corresponding product there. In this way, the addressees no longer have to search the Internet themselves if they are interested in the product.


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