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SCHOCK is Punk: Iggy Pop Fronts Surreal Saint Elmo’s Campaign for Sustainable Sinks

02. February 2021, Arwed Berendts

An unlikely Eco-Warrior in the form of Punk figure Iggy Pop stars in the new SCHOCK Sinks campaign for product line CRISTADUR® Green Line and SINK GREEN

Munich, 2 February 2021 —  Saint Elmo's has launched a campaign for the product line CRISTADUR® Green Line and SINK GREEN, the new sustainability strategy of SCHOCK sinks. The face of the campaign is international star and punk icon Iggy Pop, who narrates the story of the origins of the SCHOCK brand and products with a wink in this punk fairytale.

Saint Elmo's created a film for SCHOCK sinks that presents the product in a quirky style which typifies the unconventional Bavarian brand. The campaign is fronted by none other than the "Godfather of Punk" Iggy Pop, who promotes sustainable sinks from the CRISTADUR® Green Line product line.

As in previous campaigns, Saint Elmo's and SCHOCK rely on surreal images and tongue in cheek storytelling in the new film. In a fairytale version of the Bavarian Forest, Iggy Pop sits on a throne composed of sinks, while mischievously recounting the story of SCHOCK sinks and the SINK GREEN sustainability strategy. He is surrounded by animals such as the Otter, the Lynx and the Hawk Owl, all of which are protected species and therefore act as visual metaphors for the message of sustainability that lies at the heart of the SCHOCK brand. All of the animals depicted in the ad are native to the Bavarian Forest, as is the SCHOCK company.

The CRISTADUR® Green Line and SINK GREEN launch film reflects the brand’s environmental awareness, as well as the innovative nature of SCHOCK, which is at the forefront of innovation as well as being known as an enduring brand. Iggy Pop is the perfect Brand Ambassador with his punk individuality and status as a music legend.

In addition to the launch of the products, the campaign focuses on the further development of the SCHOCK brand around the aspect of sustainability, as part of the new corporate strategy SINK GREEN. CRISTADUR® Green Line stands for SCHOCK sinks that are made of more than 99% natural, renewable or recycled raw materials and shine with intense colors. The main component of the sinks is Bavarian quartz sand, which is supplemented by color additives and binders made from recycled or renewable materials. The resource-saving production process takes place exclusively in Germany. At the end of use, the quartz composite sinks, initially on the German market, can be returned to the SCHOCK recycling circuit.

Arwed Berendts, Managing Director of Saint Elmo's says: "We have once again succeeded in developing a real communicative smash hit for SCHOCK that conveys the brand's values and unique look in an authentic way. With Iggy Pop as the testimonial, we have created a punk fairy tale that surprises and makes you smile. The world-famous star also adds international flair to the campaign."

The SCHOCK campaign, which launched in January 2021, will be played out online and at POS, among other places. In addition to the Saint Elmo's agency, a versatile creative team, including photographer and illustrator Klaus Pichler and design studio Michael Schad, was responsible for the implementation. The commercial was produced by Namoto Film in Munich.

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