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Headline campaign for cult brand Kleiner Feigling

17. October 2019, Hubertus von Lobenstein

As the new lead agency of Kleiner Feigling, SAINT ELMO'S Berlin has developed a cross-channel campaign for the cult liquor brand. After a successful start on social media, numerous other channels will now be played, from digital to analog. The eye-catching campaign combines reduced graphic elements with entertaining headlines. Curtain up for "Kleiner Feigling – Celebrate with Imagination"!

Out-of-home & digital

Kleiner Feigling is currently placing headline posters in various German cities, for example on the theme of Oktoberfest.

At the same time, a Germany-wide digital campaign with creative banner and video formats is running in numerous high-reach networks.

Social media

The campaign focuses on social media activities for which SAINT ELMOS Berlin is responsible for strategy and implementation. Nice first success: Since the start of the campaign, the number of followers on Facebook has increased by 21 percent, on Instagram even by 337 percent. In addition, new channels such as Snapchat are used with AR filters (Augmented Reality) developed by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin.


The website www.kleinerfeigling.de also comes after a soft launch in the new campaign designed by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin. The technical implementation and hosting is carried out in close cooperation with the digital agency wigital from Kiel.

Campaign Content

Under the slogan "Celebrate with imagination", short stories and situation comedy should actively involve the target group in storytelling and stimulate the imagination. Kleiner Feigling presents itself as an uncomplicated product in eight flavors that brings people together in a humorous way. One of the goals is to expand the customer base and create new drinking events.


About Kleiner Feigling

Kleiner Feigling has been on the market since 1992 and has been managed by the same advertising agency ever since. With the change of agency to SAINT ELMO'S Berlin, the brand is now breaking new ground in terms of communication. Kleiner Feigling belongs to the family company Waldemar Behn, which is already run by its fourth generation.

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