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Brandspace promises ‘Bold Brand Building’

10. August 2021

With the foundation of Saint Elmo’s Brandspace, the Saint Elmo’s Group expands its portfolio to include the marketing of prestigious real estate properties, location marketing and international tourism communication. Arnd Feuerbaum and Dennis Pfisterer have assumed the reins of the new Saint Elmo’s subsidiary.

Munich, 10.08.2021. Under the claim ‘Bold Brand Building’, Saint Elmo’s Brandspace aims to create user-focussed and emotional brand experiences for ‘spaces’ that stand out from the simple marketing of square metres. The focus is primarily on clients from the real estate, construction and tourism industries who want to build brands with a strong identity. The agency’s service offer spans brand building through brand content, all the way to brand reach.

The new agency will be managed by Arnd Feuerbaum and Dennis Pfisterer. The strategist from Munich and the creative mind from Berlin have already been in charge of different units of the Saint Elmo’s Group for fifteen years, and have served numerous clients together from a wide range of industries, including automotive manufacturer Bugatti and the private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser.

Rethinking brands in space and space for brands

To describe the motivation behind establishing a new agency within the Saint Elmo’s Group, Managing Director Dennis Pfisterer explains, ‘Like in the tourism sector, the construction and real estate industries have started to realise that marketing should not only be considered from the perspective of what’s on offer, but above all from the perspective of the user. With Brandspace, we unite this creative broadening of horizons with the vertical integration of industry-specific marketing services.’

Concerning the agency’s strategic approach, co-founder Arnd Feuerbaum states, ‘The sectors we are targeting are exciting because they are currently undergoing structural changes. This means that the requirements concerning communication are changing, too. In the past, marketing in the real estate sector was often just considered as pretty packaging for high-profile properties. Today, it is becoming increasingly clear that such properties and brands need to communicate with a clear narrative. After all, communication with more substance not only ensures more success in the initial marketing, but also prolongs the property’s appeal even over several years. This generates demand and sustainably strengthens the company brand. This is what we understand by Bold Brand Building. With Brandspace, we do this by transferring contemporary methods of brand management to these sectors – but with specific modifications. This way, we want to use Brandspace to re-think brands in space and space for brands.’

The Brandspace network partners include branch experts like combine, a leading consulting company in real estate strategy. Co-Founder and Managing Partner Oliver A. Dittmar explains the aim of the partnership, ‘Bold Brand Building means interdisciplinary thinking in terms of brand and user experiences; considering a real estate project from a holistic viewpoint from the very outset and developing a sustainable narrative that is decisive both for the usage concept and the related communication. This is a new approach that brings the breath of fresh air that we believe the construction and real estate sector needs in order to create differentiation. The goal is to bundle added value for customers and proprietors alike and make emotional brand stories an integral component of spatial usage concepts.’

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