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Children's Rights Museum

22. November 2019, Reinhard Crasemann

Only those who know their rights can exercise them. On the occasion of the 30th International Children's Rights Day on Wednesday, the Hamburg Children's Protection Association not only inaugurated the “Children's Rights Square” in the Hanseatic City, but also opened the first virtual museum for children's rights. The idea and implementation came from Saint Elmo's to make children aware of their rights in an innovative and unusual way.

Hamburg, November 20th, 2019 – At first glance, you can only see an empty statue base on the Children's Rights Square in Hamburg. You need a cell phone and the “The Secret Sculpture” app to uncover the secret. With the help of augmented reality, 42 holographic sculptures are visible on the base, each representing a child's right. They were created by well-known artists such as Erwin Wurm, 1010, Björn Holzweg, Doppeldenk and by the most renowned 3D studios in Europe.

The background to the campaign is that far too few children in Germany know their rights. The Kinderschutzbund Hamburg wants to change this and thus protect children better – through education, help options for children who need help, and through a petition that wants to ensure that children's rights are also taught in schools.

Ralf Slüter, Managing Director of the Kinderschutzbund Hamburg: “The virtual museum creates fresh attention for our important concern and especially for our petition that children's rights are included in the curricula at German schools as a mandatory topic. This petition is linked in the app."

Reinhard Crasemann, Creative Director of Saint Elmo's, adds: “In our museum for children's rights, we combine sculptures that inspire with their high artistic standards with modern, state-of-the-art augmented reality technology. All participants are happy to be able to use their skills to strengthen the lobby for children together with the Kinderschutzbund Hamburg, to bring children's rights into all curricula and to extend this to all of Germany."

"The Secret Sculpture" app is available for Apple and Android.



About the Kinderschutzbund Hamburg:

The Deutsche Kinderschutzbund, Landesverband Hamburg e.V., is a politically and denominationally independent, non-profit association and sponsor of free youth welfare. Since its foundation in 1953, he has been committed to improving the living conditions of children and adolescents, parents and families in Hamburg. The members elect the honorary board. This implements a full-time managing director. 450 members, 89 full-time employees and 450 qualified volunteers are active for the Hamburg Kinderschutzbund. It's one of the 16 state associations in the Federal Association of the German Child Protection Association. With a total of over 50,000 members, the Federal Association represents the largest lobby for children in Germany. The joint umbrella organization is Der Paritätische.

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