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Exhibition posters with AR

28. January 2020, Loredana Klier

History in motion: Exhibition posters with AR

SAINT ELMO'S Berlin and the Pilecki Institute are launching an unusual campaign for the current exhibition “The Volunteer. Witold Pilecki and the Infiltration of Auschwitz”. The campaign combines the classic form of “print” with augmented reality and thus brings the exhibition posters to life.

In line with the Pilecki exhibition's goal to make contemporary history tangible and an experience, the exhibition campaign uses augmented reality (AR) to tell the path of the voluntary Ausschwitz inmate Witold Pilecki in an impressive and lively way.

Posters as an interactive experience

The advertising posters for the Pilecki Institute's exhibition are also animated 3D displays. Using a QR code that's integrated in the print design, viewers can experience the world of posters as virtual animations on their smartphone. All you have to do is scan the printed QR code with your smartphone camera.

A hero story virtually told

The AR animation is in the same reduced design style of the poster motif and tells the story of Witold Pilecki, to whom the new exhibition of the Berlin Pilecki Institute is dedicated. The Polish freedom fighter slipped into Auschwitz during the Second World War to report to the Allies as a local witness of the Nazi crimes. The AR animation illustrates the daring courage of the hero, who is still largely unknown in Germany.

In addition to print posters with augmented reality, the exhibition campaign includes animated advertisements for the digital info screens in the Berlin S-Bahn stations as well as advertisements for social media. SAINT ELMO'S Berlin is responsible for the creative idea, overall concept and implementation of the campaign. The advertising content will be played during the duration of the exhibition, from September 17, 2019 to March 31, 2020.


Exhibition information:

Title: "The Volunteer. Witold Pilecki and the Infiltration of Auschwitz"

Organizer: Pilecki Institute

Place of the exhibition: Pilecki Institute in Berlin, Pariser Platz 4a.

Duration of the exhibition: September 17, 2019 - March 31, 2020


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