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Communication for climate protection

20. September 2019, Reinhard Crasemann

When the best windsurfers from all over the world come to Sylt to compete in the autumn wind and the wild surf of the North Sea, the Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup is taking place again. Hundreds of thousands of visitors then flock to the island to watch the athletic daredevils play with the elements.

There has always been a fight against the forces of nature on Sylt but not solely in terms of sporting tradition. The people of Sylt have always lived with the threat of the sea and have been hit by massive storm surges several times over the course of their history. But global climate change is increasing the risk of natural disasters on the island many times over. In light of this, people's awareness of climate protection is growing, as is their willingness to make a difference.

"We're making waves for climate protection"

In 2019, the Windsurf World Cup will be more than a water sports event with a festive feel. Under the motto "We're making waves for climate protection", the GreenSeven Summit will take place in its framework from September 30 to October 1, together with the UN Enviromental Program and the NGO blue life. At the Sylt Climate Protection Conference, scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute in List, representatives of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, ambassadors of the United Nations Environment Program and other experts will discuss how the island can tackle the dangers of climate change and which countermeasures make sense.

But for that, you need the people who are involved. Therefore, the focus of the GreenSeven Summit is also the question of how to win it over for climate protection. At the Summit, Reinhard Crasemann from SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg talks about the challenges and opportunities in communication for climate protection.

For the communication agency SAINT ELMO'S, also a main topic in the entrepreneurial context. As a partner and co-founder of the new advisory group blue life consulting, which supports companies in their sustainable transformation, the agency is committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious business. Reinhard Crasemann sees a key to success in communication:

"We know that, in addition to quality and service, brands value emotional differentiation when it comes to winning customers over. And where can brands differentiate themselves in relevance nowadays and develop a real lead? We believe in the sustainable transformation. With every newscast, this topic becomes more relevant. A topic that happens to be completely relaxed emotional by nature."

To the program of the GreenSeven Summit 2019

More about sustainable transformation in an interview with Reinhard Crasemann and Matthias Neumann

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