Clarity in politics and communication – SAINT ELMO’s creates the new design concept “Klare Linie” (clear course) for the CSU

It is a common impression that politics and everyday life have drifted away from each other. The people yearn for a clear approach to politics. The new design concept for the CSU directly follows this demand by concentrating on the essentials.

The visual design follows a distinct clearness and the statements are short and precise. The new claim “Klar für unser Land” is the cumulation of the concept. A blue cloudless sky with a truncated sun serves as the key visual, transporting a positive, crisp and future-oriented spirit.

Furthermore it was an important task to have the concept meet the requirements of the various party functions. An easy handling of the design elements was of key importance to success. A web-to-print portal provides the media assets in an uncomplicated manner.

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