Detlef Arnold is a managing director and partner at SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg. He's always had the typical smarts and efficiency and discovered his passion for cross-media communication solutions early on. He was managing director at national and network agencies and has served many well-known companies and FMCG brands over the last 20 years.


Tel: +49 (0)40 202288-8302

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Reinhard Crasemann is a managing director and partner at SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg. Having turned his passion into a career, he's already won multiple international awards. His mission is to overcome boundaries and conventions with the help of ideas. Interdisciplinary work and the development of integrated communications, product and business solutions have been the daily business of this experienced agency manager for over 20 years now.


Tel: +49 (0)40 202288-8301

Dennis Pfisterer is the Chief Innovation Officer of the SAINT ELMO'S group. He has in-depth experience in the field of digital brand management with a special focus on the field of interactive media. He expanded his extensive expertise in design and creation both in agencies and as a client at home and abroad.


Tel: +49 (0)30 6953570-70

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The dialogue expert bases his extensive know-how on his long experience at Rapp Germany, where he was responsible for various international budgets. He began his career over 15 years ago as a trained manager in advertising followed by his degree in direct marketing. Since 2010, he has been instrumental in setting up SAINT ELMO'S office in Hamburg and works there as managing director to this date. Lasse Matthiesen commands special expertise in digital dialogue, especially with regard to email marketing.


Tel: +49 (0)40 202288-8300

Kevin Proesel has been part of the creative lead in the SAINT ELMO'S group since 2008. He has played a major role in the positioning of the Berlin branch on Content Marketing and Branded Entertainment, and has also been involved in IPTV platforms and retail communication in the POS area for automotive brands.
Since 2016, he has further developed the agency's expertise in Experiential Content to drive the integration of Experiential Storytelling, Apps and Spaces. His vision is to create Digital Scenography for brands and products. His team is currently working on holographic developments in the field of mixed reality in retail communications and retail campaigns.


Tel: +49 (0)30 6953570-30

Arnd Feuerbaum, graduate in economics, is managing director in consulting and partner at SAINT ELMO'S München GmbH & Co. KG. He has consolidated experience and worked as a consultant. He gained agency expertise in one of the leading new media agencies and then at an American network agency. His focus is on strategic brand project consulting and complex networked campaigns. Drawing from his experiences in the online arena, he's also the first contact for projects with a digital focus.


Tel: +49 (0)89 599958-70

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Arwed Berendt is a creative director and partner at SAINT ELMO'S München GmbH & Co. KG. He co-founded the agency in early 2001 and since then has played a central role in forming the creative direction. After gaining valuable experience in traditional advertising, he began to think and operate in a variety of communication channels.


Tel: +49 (0)89 599958-11

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Tim Stickelbrucks is a managing director and partner at SAINT ELMO'S Los Angeles Entertainment LLC. The specialist for interactive and editorial brand communication has successfully implemented comprehensive content marketing strategies, branded music and web TV projects, and was also given the first German IPTV Award in 2007. He has accompanied the development and operation of BMW TV since the beginning. He is also the chair of the IPTV/Web TV working group at Bitkom.


Tel: +1 (310) 776 6665

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Thomas Knauer is a managing director of consulting and partner at SAINT ELMO'S München GmbH & Co. KG. He also accepts wide-ranging tasks in SAINT ELMO'S group holding company and acts as their spokesperson. He has detailed expertise in financial services and the automotive industry and has roots in the CRM sector. He has been active in the international network agencies and privately owned companies since 1991.


Tel: +49 (0)89 599958-80

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Managing Partner

Mit Visionen zu Innovationen!

Tourismusprofi für Destinationen, Seilbahnen und Freizeitindustrie, der die heute Erfolg versprechenden Marketing-Trends schon vorgestern erfolgreich angewendet hat.

Der Weg zu Saint Elmo´s Travel – Serviceplan Tourismus Marketing – führte über: Tourismus von Geburt an, Österreich Werbung Paris, Wien, München und Frankfurt, Andresen Werbeagentur München, Berlin. Seit 1991 Gründer, Innovator und Visionär von PRODINGER|GFB Tourismusmarketing. 2017 „Passion for Tourism reloaded“ mit Saint Elmo´s Travel, das Tourismus-Vertical in der Serviceplan Gruppe.


Tel: +49 89 462372-0

Managing Partner

Mit dem Agentur-Virus geboren!

Tourismusprofi und Expertin für Destinationen, Seilbahnen, Freizeiteinrichtungen und Hotellerie, die mit Herzblut für Stakeholder und Shareholder mit fachlicher Kompetenz und menschlichem Gespür das Beste gibt.

Der Weg zu Saint Elmo´s Travel – Serviceplan Tourismus Marketing – führte über: Studium der Betriebs- und Kommunikationswirtschaft. Marketing-Praxis auf Agentur- & Medienseite. Aufbau Tourismus-Expertise im Tourismusamt München. Vereinigung von Erfahrung und Herzlichkeit seit 2007 bei PRODINGER|GFB Tourismusmarketing im Key-Account. 2017 „Passion for Tourism reloaded“ mit Saint Elmo´s Travel, das Tourismus-Vertical in der Serviceplan Gruppe.


Tel: +49 89 46 23 72 0

Managing Partner

Marketing mit Erfahrung & neuen Ideen!

Tourismusprofi aus Leidenschaft, der mit profunder Branchenkenntnis vorwiegend Hotels, Destinationen, Bergbahnen betreut, für die er sein umfangreiches Know How mit den Marketing-Trends von morgen auf beeindruckende Weise verbindet.

Der Weg zu Saint Elmo´s Travel – Serviceplan Tourismus Marketing – ist eine „amerikanische“ Bilderbuch-Karriere: vom Tellerwäscher zum Managing Partner mit der Zwischenstation Tourismus-Studium in München. Seit 1994 Key-Account und Marketing-Experte bei PRODINGER|GFB Tourismusmarketing. 2017 „Passion for Tourism reloaded“ mit Saint Elmo´s Travel, das Tourismus-Vertical in der Serviceplan Gruppe.


Tel: +43 662 84 92 59 8015


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2017 - Founding of SAINT ELMO'S Tourismusmarketing, a specialist agency for tourism marketing through participation in the tourism marketing agency Prodinger GFB, one of the market leaders for tourism advertising in the German-speaking Alpine region.

2017 - Start with the creative agency Aimaq von Lobenstein. Integration into the SAINT ELMO' S Group and thus addition of brand management and storymaking to SAINT ELMO' S Berlin. The agency Aimaq von Lobenstein has its core competency in the field of brand management and storymaking.

2014 - Realignment of the agency - In accordance with the "Cross the line." slogan - The specialized agencies are merged at the individual sites each to create full service agency providers. SAINT ELMO'S Munich, SAINT ELMO'S Berlin and SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg are started.

2012 - Founding of SAINT ELMO'S Los Angeles - Beginning of SAINT ELMO'S Entertainment in the USA.

2010 - Founding in Hamburg - Due to increased customer requests, the agency establishes an office in Hamburg, which is led by Lasse Matthiesen and Olaf Klumski.

2009 - Partnership with the SERVICEPLAN group - The agency announces its partnership with the owner-managed agency SERVICEPLAN, which now holds a majority stake in the SAINT ELMO'S group.

2008 - Founding in Berlin - With Tim Stickelbrucks, a special service provider for IPTV and branded entertainment in Berlin comes into being and is dubbed Saint Elmo's Entertainment. In the same year, Ben Künkler and Dennis Pfisterer contribute to the office with the founding of SAINT ELMO'S Interaction Berlin.

2007 - Repositioning as a multi-channel agency - Arnd Feuerbaum and Thomas Knauer expand the management team and set up next to the SAINT ELMO'S Interaction along with SAINT ELMO'S Campaign for dialogic interaction for online/offline communication. The service portfolio as a multi-channel agency is supplemented with the establishment of a media agency (mediateam 360°) by Michael Thum and SAINT ELMO'S. At the same time, a holding company structure was introduced in which all managers and partners are involved.

2003 - SAINT ELMO'S is "Newcomer Agency of the Year" - receives the prestigious "Newcomer Agency of the Year" award from the magazine ‘Horizon’.

2001 - Agency founded - Arwed Berendt and Feodor von Wedel establish SAINT ELMO'S as a classic creative agency in Munich.

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