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Conceiving brand space and space for brands in a new dimension.


The real estate sector is undergoing radical change. While forecasts point to a general cooling of the market, demand from potential tenants is booming. The key to success lies in embracing a new way of thinking that moves away from simply offering a space, towards the creation of an emotionally enriching experience within it. Other sectors have long thought from the emotional perspective of their customers, deriving strong brand commitments from it. And this is precisely where a new opportunity for the real estate sector lies: shifting the focus from square metres to brand experience.


Arnd Feuerbaum

Arnd Feuerbaum has been a partner at Serviceplan for 15 years and is the founder and managing director of various agencies in the Saint Emo's Group. He has banking and corporate experience and has worked as a consultant. He gained agency know-how in a new media agency from the very beginning and then in an American network agency. The focus of his work was on strategic brand management and the implementation of digitalization strategies for companies in a wide range of industries. At Brandspace, he ensures the transfer of this expertise to the real estate sector. Objective: rethinking brand in space and space for brands.

T: +49 (0)89 599958-70

Dennis Pfisterer

Dennis Pfisterer has been a partner in the Saint Elmo's Group since 2008 and Managing Director of Saint Elmo's Brandspace since 2021. In his work, he combines strategic thinking with creative free spirit to make brands experienceable with all senses. He built up his many years of experience in brand building and brand marketing both on the agency and client side at home and abroad. Privately, he is passionate about interior design and is co-founder of the Collectible Design Store Bazar Noir in Berlin.

T: +49 (0)30 6953570-70

Building blocks for a bolder brand

Brand strategy 

Strong brands don’t follow others, but rather their users! The basis of property branding is matching the emotional needs of its users to the actual use of the building. Using validated customer insights, we develop a structured brand model and brand narrative with a concrete reason to believe. This establishes a clear direction throughout the entire customer journey, thus unfolding its full potential.

Brand design 

Looks unique and feels great! Brand design makes the content and strategic specifications of a brand emotionally tangible. Starting with naming and combination mark development through the design of modular and flexible design systems for all digital, social and classic media, all the way to interior design guidelines.

Brand communication

The right message is the key to handing over the keys! Based on the brand model values, we develop key messages and campaigns with clear value proposition – always backed by the reason to believe. PR themes are also based on the strong narrative, right from project planning. This communicates a positive image of the project for a ‘friendly reception’ in the immediate vicinity whilst simultaneously helping to ‘win over’ the administrative bodies responsible for the approval process.

Brand content

If strategy forms the groundworks and communication design is the structure, brand content is what really livens the place up! The right blend of corporate- and social-content formats ensures that the brand is perceived as relevant and interesting by its target group. For this purpose, we design, produce and curate convincing, innovative and informative content across the entire marketing funnel. From virtual to augmented reality, from banners through websites all the way to newsletters, from high-end corporate films to low-threshold social media ads.

Brand reach

Always a step ahead! New target groups, new channels, new challenges. Target group-specific placement of brand content across all target group-relevant channels is no easy feat – but with our media partners Mediateam360 and the Mediaplus Group, it’s all under control. We provide online display, social media, SEA, SEO or classic media content locally, nationally or internationally. Data-driven and with real-time monitoring with permanent optimisation. With innovative formats such as four-screen bumper ads, we always pay close attention to the right balance between brand and performance.


Our network


Combine uniquely combines strategic vision and specialized knowledge in the real estate industry. Emerging from the legendary Quickborn team and the real estate consultancy macon, together we not only develop and design outstanding office concepts, but also successfully implement them.

Serviceplan Group

As part of Europe's number 1, we can build on the full strength of the Serviceplan Group. This benefits our customers, for example, when it comes to international projects or partnerships, when special disciplines are required, or when efficient media buying makes hearts beat faster.

Hidden Fortress 

Hidden Fortress is a boutique design studio for interior and product design. The portfolio includes interiors for gastronomy, offices, retail and exhibitions as well as furniture and product design.