We immerse our minds in the productive climate of the Spree metropolis, take in their small and great stories and bring to our customers relevant content for the varied touch points between digital and classical. Just what every brand needs.


Dennis Pfisterer is the Chief Innovation Officer of the SAINT ELMO'S group. He has in-depth experience in the field of digital brand management with a special focus on the field of interactive media. He expanded his extensive expertise in design and creation both in agencies and as a client at home and abroad.


Tel: +49 (0)30 6953570-70

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Kevin Proesel has been part of the creative lead in the SAINT ELMO'S group since 2008. He has played a major role in the positioning of the Berlin branch on Content Marketing and Branded Entertainment, and has also been involved in IPTV platforms and retail communication in the POS area for automotive brands.
Since 2016, he has further developed the agency's expertise in Experiential Content to drive the integration of Experiential Storytelling, Apps and Spaces. His vision is to create Digital Scenography for brands and products. His team is currently working on holographic developments in the field of mixed reality in retail communications and retail campaigns.


Tel: +49 (0)30 6953570-30

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